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Lok Sabha Election 2024: Congress leader Pramod Tiwari has reacted to Akhilesh’s PDA equation, Mayawati’s sarcasm on him and Kapil Sibal’s statement regarding UPA-3. He said that the unity of the opposition is more important than the statements. He said that a common candidate against the BJP is necessary. This fight is between the ideology of Godse and Gandhi.

On the question of Ravi Shankar Prasad regarding the face of the opposition, Pramod Tiwari said that he is saddened by his neglect, if he wants to join the opposition camp. Actually, Kapil Sibal had said that Answer Samajwadi Party represents the real opposition in the state. It would be good to be a junior ally of Rashtriya Lok Dal and Congress. BSP’s Mayawati is not included in all these, so there is no possibility of an alliance as she has publicly stated that she will field candidates in all parliamentary constituencies. Congress also has no real presence in Bihar, so I don’t think there is any problem on that front."

This statement about Adipurush film

Pramod Tiwari’s big statement has also come to the fore regarding the Adipurush controversy. He said that a case should be registered against the makers of Adipurush film and the BJP leaders should apologise. Sadakchaap dialogue has reached every household, now what will happen after removing it? Pramod Tiwari also raised questions on Sita ji’s clothes in the film and said that this film was made to incite religious sentiments. 

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