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DU Celebration: Prime Minister Narendra Modi went by Delhi Metro on Friday (June 30) to attend the centenary celebrations of Delhi University (DU). During this, PM Modi talked to the people traveling by metro. He talked to the people on national education policy and language and how to reduce stress. 

PM Modi asked a young man living in Ranchi, Jharkhand, whether his friends are from any other place other than this state? To this the youth replied that his friends are from Uttar Pradesh and South Africa. 

After this, PM Modi asked the people traveling whether they have learned any other language? On this a girl replied that a girl was speaking in Malayalam, so she learned to say hello from her. On the other hand, another student said that she taught Hindi to the people coming from Manipur in her college. Another girl said that he taught people Assamese. 

What did PM Modi say? 
People traveling with PM Modi told that they benefited a lot from Pariksha Pe Charcha. This has given us strength to fight stress. On this, PM Modi said that when you get attached to someone, tension starts, but if you work with a sense of duty, then there is less scope for tension.

PM Modi was asked that what is the reason for the increasing supremacy in the world? To this he replied that the reason for this is you people. People believe that the youth of India have a lot of talent. They can be of use to the world.  

What did the National Education Policy say on the education policy?
One person said that the National Education Policy has brought flexibility in the curriculum. There is also an option to read in Indian languages. On this, PM Modi said that there is a lot of talent in the villages of our country, but they did not get the fortune of English. Our children are coming forward in sports, so many people question them in English, but their work is in sports. In such a situation, language should not become a barrier.  

What did the student traveling with PM Modi say?
According to news agency PTI, B.Com from a university college. Shivam Gupta (19), studying B.Com, said that the Prime Minister
Narendra Modi and talking to him. 

He said, ‘‘I consider myself fortunate that some of us got a chance to interact with the Prime Minister of the country up close and personal. It seemed very unusual. Also got a chance to interact with him during the journey on the way to our university.’’

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