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Odisha Train Accident: The gruesome accident that took place in Odisha’s Balasore on June 2 shook the whole country. Now the investigating agency is focusing its attention on whether there has been any tampering with the automatic signaling system, which is responsible for the movement of the train. Simultaneously, investigators suspect that the Coromandel Express train was diverted onto the loop line track, on which a goods train carrying iron ore was already standing. 

Reuters Agency has received this information from sources. According to the report, investigators suspect that the train was bypassed by railway staff to avoid signaling hindrances caused by the faulty barrier. Although the media had already told about this thing that this accident could be due to a possible fault in the automatic signaling system.

Instructions have also been issued to strengthen the protocol

Actually, the order indicated that in the Balasore train accident, there was interference with the signaling system due to access to the relay room, which caused the Coromandel Express to go into the loop line and hit a stationary goods train, causing the entire accident. Senior officials said there was enough evidence to show that the interlocking system was tampered with, so now the mechanism has to be made tamper-proof. This double locking will ensure that no one can access these places without permission. 

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