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Delhi Police Busted Sextortion Gang: Delhi Police busted the sextortion gang of Mewat. Along with this, the police arrested the leader of the gang. According to the information received from the police, the targets of this gang were senior citizens. The gang used to extort by posing as ACP Vikram Rathore of Delhi Police. 

Police told that this gang used to show obscene videos of girls on WhatsApp to senior citizens and then used to threaten them by recording their screen. The gang used to make videos while watching obscene videos of senior citizens and then used to extort by threatening to make it viral on social media. 

How did people trap?
Police told that the gang used to target senior citizens first. After talking to them, they used to show pornographic videos of girls on WhatsApp and when they were watching, they used to make videos. After this, he used to extort money by calling him Vikram Rathore, ACP of Delhi Police. Police have recovered 140 obscene videos made by screen recording from the mobile of this gang. The police had also received information about their victims from different cities across the country.

Earlier, the cyber cell of Mumbai Police had exposed the gang making celebrities victims of sextortion. According to the information received from the police, the gang had made more than 100 A-listed celebrities victims of sextortion. Police said that minors were also involved in the gang. These people made 285 people victims.

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