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Agartala/Boxanagar , Jun 29, 2023, TRIPURATIMES Desk

Agartala/Boxanagar Jun 29:  Thousands of people belonging to Muslim community gathered at the Gedu Mia Masjid in the state capital to offer morning prayers (Namaaz) on the holy and much important occasion of Eid-Al-Adha on Thursday.

The prayers started slightly late from the designated time of 8.00 am in the morning because of the heavy downpour and were conducted by Imam of the mosque Abdul Rehman.

Embracing each other the Muslim brothers exchanged greeting of peace and love on the occasion.

Imam Adbul Rehman while speaking to the reporters highlighted the history and significance of Eid-Al-Adha.

He said, “Bakrid is one of the two most prominent festivals celebrated by the people belonging to Muslim community. As per Islamic calendar, Dhul Hijjah is the 12th and the last month and most of the Muslim people perform Hajj during this month. Eid Al Adha occurs on the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah and people celebrate this with great joy and festivity”.

“Eid-Al-Adha is celebrated in remembrance of the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim made out of his strong faith in Allah”, he said.

The Imam further said, “Ibrahim was asked by Allah to sacrifice his only son as per his wish and the former agreed to do so. Looking at his faith, Allah intervened and he was asked to sacrifice a lamb instead. Thereafter, every year Muslims across the world celebrate Ei-Al-Adha for three days”.

Talking about sacrificing animals, the Imam said, “Sacrificing cattle in the name of Allah is a great act of worship. It brings the person offering the sacrifice close to Allah”.

Notably, the process of sacrifice (Qurbani) is done according to Islamic rituals that involves swiftly cutting the throat and allowing the blood to drain.

Present on the occasion at Gedu Miya Masjid, Minister for Tribal Welfare, Welfare of Minorities, Shukla Charan Noatia said, “Ei-Al-Adha gives the message of sacrifice and this celebration is to spread the message of love”.

He also said, with the present government in power, Tripura is very peaceful as people from all communities and religions celebrate and live together in peace.

In a similar way, Ei-Al-Adha was celebrated with due devotion and enthusiasm in different areas across the state.

Our Boxanagar Correspondent adds: Sonamura subdivision is the most Muslim-populated area in the state. Thursday morning prayers were performed in accordance with Islamic traditions in 35 different areas in the subdivision including Boxanagar central Eidgah Maidan.

Around three thousand people gathered to offer prayers that was led by Imam Maulana Shafiqul Islam.

Meanwhile, Tripura chief Minister DR Manik Saha and all the cabinet ministers also expressed their greetings on the eve.



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