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WB Panchayat Polls Results 2023: The dominance of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) is being seen in the panchayat elections held in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee’s TMC has taken an unassailable lead in the counting of votes so far and is heading towards a landslide victory. The counting for the Panchayat elections started on Tuesday (July 11) morning, which continued on Wednesday (July 12). 

1. According to the figures of the State Election Commission of Bengal at 7.30 pm, TMC has won 34,913 gram panchayat seats. Along with this, it is leading on 607 seats. In all, elections were held for 63,229 gram panchayat seats.

2. BJP, the nearest rival of the ruling party, has won 9,722 seats and is ahead in 150 seats. CPI(M) has won 2,937 seats and is leading in 67 seats. Congress won 2,543 seats and is ahead on 63.

3. Apart from this, TMC has won 6,430 Panchayat Samiti seats, taking a lead in 195 seats. BJP has won 982 seats and is leading in 54 seats. While CPI(M) has won 176 seats and is ahead in 15. Congress has won 266 seats and is leading in 6 seats. Elections have been held for 9,728 Panchayat Samiti seats.

4. TMC has also won 674 Zilla Parishad seats so far and is leading in 149 others. BJP has won 21 seats and is ahead in 5 seats. CPI(M) has won 2 seats, while INC has won 6 seats and is leading in 5. Altogether there are 928 Zilla Parishad seats.

5. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday that she was saddened by the deaths of people in sporadic incidents of violence during the panchayat elections in the state. He said his government has given a free hand to the police to take action against those behind the violence. The Chief Minister claimed that there has been a 19-year decline in election-related violence since the announcement of the election date on June 8. People were killed, mostly from his party.

6. Mamta Banerjee said that elections were held at 71,000 booths, in how many areas did the incident happen? There were disturbances in about 60 booths, at some places water was also poured into the ballot box. I know this was done by CPM worker, why no action was taken against him. Why didn’t the arrest happen? We obeyed the court order. Central force was sent and we accepted it. The relatives of the deceased will be given 2 lakh compensation and special home guard jobs. We will not provide assistance based on party colors.

7. Attacking on the BJP, the TMC chief said that two Manipur has been burning for months now where is the fact finding committee. Where was this team when Assam was burning due to NRC. Where is this fact finding committee when there are no polling in 67% of the seats in Uttar Pradesh. Where was the Fact Finding Committee when wrestlers were protesting against the atrocities committed on them? Here (in West Bengal) so many teams and commissions have visited Bengal within 2 years, around 154 teams have visited Bengal. This is BJP protection committee and not fact finding committee. 

8. BJP’s response to the violence during Panchayat elections 4 member fact finding committee is on state tour. BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is heading this committee, after meeting the families of the victims, said that Mamta Banerjee, your people vandalize the huts of the poor, you should be ashamed. Which democracy is this? Had this happened in a BJP ruled state, Rahul Gandhi, Left, Nitish Kumar would have created a storm. This is unfortunate.

9. West Bengal Leader of Opposition Suvendu Adhikari said that you‘s (TMC) work is good, work done by others is bad? This is not correct. There is violence in elections in West Bengal, there was no violence in the municipal elections in Uttar Pradesh. Go here in the village and ask the general public yourself what has happened. About 50 people have died. The aid amount announced by the state government will be given only to the people of Trinamool who are suffering, they will not get it. The Government of Bengal misbehaved with the Central forces and no co-operation was given.

10. Three people, including two Indian Secular Front (ISF) workers, were killed and several others injured in a clash outside a vote counting center in South 24 Parganas’s Bhangar late Tuesday night. Went. A Congress worker was beaten to death, while several others were injured, allegedly by TMC workers at Rampur village in Malda district, police said. 

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