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West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023: A Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA threatened his own party on Sunday (16 July). He said that he would not support any bill of the government in the West Bengal Assembly in future if the atrocities of the opposition group on his close ones continued. He has also spoken of abstaining from voting during the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections. 

‘Will start opposing the government’
Chaudhary said, ‘If a faction of my party continues to persecute common people, many of whom are close to me. And if senior leaders of my party do not intervene and the fighting and arson continue unabated, I will be forced to abstain from voting in the Rajya Sabha elections.’

Chaudhary said, ‘I will not support any bill presented in the assembly of the state government in future. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has failed to pay attention to the deteriorating situation in Islampur despite my repeated appeals. If my words are not heeded, then I will start opposing this government.’

What did TMC State Spokesperson say?
Reacting to Chaudhary’s outburst, TMC State Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, ‘Let him speak in a derogatory manner against the party in public. Should not have done. All I can say is that the leadership will decide on this issue. TMC has announced candidates for six Rajya Sabha seats in West Bengal, polling for which will be held on July 24.

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