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Anju In Pakistan: Anju, a resident of India, is in Pakistan these days. She reached the neighboring country to meet one of her Facebook friends. All kinds of news are coming out about Anju. It is being said that the way Seema Haider has come to India, in the same way India’s Anju has reached Pakistan.

But that is not the case at all. Anju has reached Pakistan legally. Let us tell you how Anju finally reached Pakistan. 

Anju hails from Rajasthan 

Anju is a resident of Rajasthan. His entire family lives in Bhiwadi. She is survived by husband and two children. There is an 11 year old girl and a younger son in it. She has gone to Pakistan to meet her boyfriend without family.

Anju had legally reached a remote village in Pakistan. His visa expires on 20 August. The one whom she has come to meet, his name is Nasrullah and his age is 29 years. His Pakistani friend has claimed that there was no love affair between the two. 

Friends were made on Facebook 

Actually, Nasrullah and Anju became friends on Facebook in 2019. Nasrullah told over phone from Kulsho village in the district, about 300 km from Peshawar, that Anju is on a trip to Pakistan and we have no plans to get married. She will go back to her country on August 20 after her visa expires. 

First there was talk of engagement 

Told husband to go to Jaipur 

Anju had left the house after telling her husband to go to Jaipur. He had already made all the preparations to leave. Reached Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan to get engaged with Facebook friend Nasrullah. He also made the video before crossing the border at Wagah border. 

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