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Presidency College: Presidency College, Kolkata, West Bengal, which is one of the leading educational institutions of the country, has issued a new decree for the students. According to the decree, the students of the college can no longer sit alone together in the campus. Also they cannot walk holding each other’s hands.

The girl students also protested against this decision. On which also the college has banned. Many such restrictions have been imposed in the form of code of conduct issued by the college management. Because of which no student can do any kind of movement like dharna.

Dharna demonstration in the campus
Against this decision of the college, the student union as well as other student organizations have announced agitation, terming it as a violation of freedom. CPM’s student wing SFI submitted a memorandum to the Dean of Students on Friday (June 23) protesting against the code of conduct. Also on Monday (June 26) protested against it in the campus.

Complaint made to parents too
Presidency College management last week called a boy and girl to the office after seeing them sitting and talking or walking hand in hand in the campus. He is being asked the reason. Along with this, he was being served a notice for this. Apart from this, complaints were also made from some parents.

The student union has termed this decision of the college as arbitrary. Along with this, under the guise of discipline, he has been accused of interfering in the freedom of the students. Rishabh Saha, secretary of the Presidency branch of SFI, termed it as proof of the dictatorial attitude of the management. He has also talked about agitation against it.

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