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Manipur Violence: In the violence-hit state of Manipur, the video of women being stripped naked and paraded three months ago is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After this video of him went viral, there is a demand for the resignation of CM Biren Singh in the state. Poet Kumar Vishnas has given a response in this regard.

After this video went viral, Kumar Vishnas tagged the CM of the Manipur government and tweeted that the chair is your funeral, isn’t it? If you can’t do anything then why don’t you get down? Apart from this, he said in his second tweet, keyboard-revolutionary public and partisans are also requested to stop sharing the video if there is even an iota of shame left.

“This is your funeral chair, isn’t it?
If you can’t do anything, why don’t you get down?”

What is happening in Manipur?
Racial violence has been going on in Manipur for more than two and a half months. Two communities Kuki and Meitei are involved in this violence. Thousands of people have been displaced due to their racial struggle and are forced to live in the shelter homes of the state government. Meanwhile, about 15 hours before the news was written, a video goes viral in which a woman from one community is being stripped naked and taken somewhere.

According to this video, after stripping those women, a crowd of men is seen taking them somewhere. Many people taking him in this crowd are touching his private parts. After this video went viral, there was anger among the people about the God-dependent law and order of the state and people on social media are constantly demanding the resignation of the state CM N Biren Singh for this. 

Manipur Violence: ‘You are sleeping peacefully, Modi ji’, Opposition agitated over the incident in Manipur, demands CM’s resignation for making women parade naked


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