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Seema Haider: The love story of Seema Haider, a resident of Pakistan, and Sachin Meena of India is in headlines. However, Seema Haider is now being accused of being a Pakistani spy. Meanwhile, he disclosed many important information about Seema Haider where he dodged the police by staying for a month and a half.

According to Times Now Navbharat, it was Sachin who got Seema a house on rent. During this, he had told the landlord that he and Seema had done a court marriage. Also, Seema is a resident of Bulandshahr. According to the information, Seema Haider lived with her four children in a room of 12/10 of Rs 2500.

Seema was hiding her identity in a rented room
Seema was hiding her identity in a rented room near Sachin’s house from May 13 to July 1. Seema’s landlord told that once he and Sachin had a fight. After which Sachin also hit Seema.

When he asked the reason for killing Sachin, he told that Seema used to smoke beedi. Along with this, he said that Seema did not talk to anyone much. Also, he did not cook non-veg on the day of Eid.

According to the information, while leaving the rented house, Seema had told that her brother’s health is bad, due to which she is going to see him. After which she never came back. Although she had taken 2-3 clothes while leaving. Which was later taken by Sachin’s sister and mother.

UP ATS questioned Seema Haider and Sachin Meena for several hours on Tuesday (July 18) regarding the matter. Apart from this, on Monday (July 17) both of them were questioned by ATS for about 8 hours. 

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