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Karnataka Viral Video: Everyday thousands of things go viral on the internet. Similarly, a video from Karnataka is going viral on the internet. In which a person was seen riding a motorcycle with a 9-month-old leopard tied up. In the viral video, the man is seen tying the leopard to the back of a motorcycle and is going somewhere.

The person has been identified as Muthu of Bagivalu village in Hassan district. He told that he was taking the leopard to the forest department. Muthu said that the leopard has done this for his  safety in the field. Because of which he was forced to tie up the leopard.

Hassan: A young man himself caught a leopard and handed it over to the forest department.

‘Muthu had no bad intentions’
Muthu told that he  controlled the leopard using a rope. After that tied him on the back of his bike and went to the forest department office. Muthu has minor injuries in his hand in the encounter with the leopard. A lot of anger is visible among people on social media regarding the video going viral. On the other hand, the Forest Department official said that Muthu had no bad intentions. Though the way he handled the leopard was bad but it was lack of awareness. 

The leopard was weak
Forest department officials told that the leopard was weak and was not going to cause harm. The leopard was taken for medical treatment and is currently under observation. Meanwhile, Muthu was sent for counseling sessions to gain more awareness on how to deal with similar cases.

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