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Seema Haider Love Story: New revelations are happening in the ATS inquiry in the Seema Haider case. ATS had found four phones near Seema, out of which one phone was broken and one phone was kept with him despite not having a SIM. ATS suspects that many secrets are hidden in this phone and Seema Haider’s secret can be revealed through this phone.

Requested to recover the data of the third mobile as soon as possible with the help of forensic experts. Has been. Seema is not able to answer correctly about this mobile. Every time she is telling different things about mobile.

All deleted before May
UP ATS SSP himself from the border on Tuesday (July 18) Interrogated for hours. How did Seema know so much about Nepal, how did she know that she could enter India through Nepal? During this, he also kept silence on many questions. At the same time, he does not have a satisfactory answer regarding the broken phone he has got. Apart from this, everything before May is deleted from his phone, the reason for which he has told that the phone hangs. Money was transferred to him. During interrogation, it was found that Seema had asked for money from Sachin by using the net of someone else’s phone in Nepal. However, she says that she does not know anything about this person.

Seema keeps changing answers to many questions
Seema Haider on many questions Could not give satisfactory answer. For example, he did not give information about the person who booked the ticket. He said that he does not remember the name of the agent. Seema could not even give the information to whom she sold her house. He says he sold the house to the local people with the help of a dealer, but the amount is not known to him.
Seema changed her statements many times in response to the question of how many other people she used to play with in the Pubg game in India. Information about other people of Delhi NCR was received from Seema’s profile, regarding this also she gave different answers. According to ATS sources, Seema is answering the questions as if she is reading a script. ATS did not get a satisfactory answer as to why Seema created her profile with a different name. Why did you send friend requests to people wearing uniforms? On this, Seema says that she has no information about this. She even cried twice during the ATS investigation. Sachin and Seema were first interrogated by ATS by making them sit in separate rooms and then Seema was interrogated by making Sachin sit together. Seema Sachin was asked about the answers which were in contradiction.

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A request has been made to recover the data of the third mobile at the earliest with the help of forensic experts.


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