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Madras High Court News: The Madras High Court has directed to prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for testing the manhood of an accused. The court said that there is no need to collect semen samples to test the masculinity of the accused. Science has made a lot of progress now, so blood samples can also be tested. Along with this, the court has also directed to stop the two finger test.

The order was passed on July 7
Justice N. A bench of Anand Venkatesh and Justice Sundar Mohan was constituted. Passing the order on July 7, the bench has directed to prepare SOP. 

Old method should be discontinued: High Court
The bench said that we want to ensure that the two-finger test and the old method of checking masculinity should be discontinued. The Court further said that in this regard, the Director General of Police will be directed to instruct the Inspectors General of Police of various regions to collect data by looking at the medical reports prepared in all cases related to rape from January 1, 2023. Also see if the two-finger test is mentioned in any of the reports presented. The High Court bench was also hearing a Habeas Corpus petition involving a minor girl and boy.

Science has made a lot of progress, comments of the court
The bench further said that if any such report comes to the fore, it should be brought to the notice of this court. We will pass orders after getting the report. Similarly, the semen of the offender is collected in the test of manhood in cases related to sexual offenses, which is an old method of testing. Science has progressed so such tests can be done just by collecting blood samples.

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