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Maharashtra Teenager Drowned In A Well: In Maharashtra, a person had to lose his life because of making a reel. The case pertains to Thakurli area of ​​Dombivli. Where a person died due to drowning in the well of British era pump house in Thakurli.

Police said that the man had gone to shoot a reel for his social media account with two of his friends. The incident took place on Sunday (June 11), but the man’s body was retrieved after 32 hours on Monday (June 12). According to information received from the police, the deceased has been identified as 18-year-old Bilal Sohail Sheikh. 

Falled into the well during the shooting of the reel
According to Hindustan Times, Bilal’s friends claimed that he accidentally fell into the well during the shooting of the reel. Bhalerao said that he will investigate to understand the sequence of events of death. The pump house was built during the British period. Also very few people visit this place.

The body was found after 32 hours 
A fire officer of Dombivli said that our team searched for the boy’s body for more than a day. He said that his body was found on Monday (June 12)  evening 32 hours after the incident. Police told that the residents of Chandnagar saw Bilal as a reel star. His death has shocked everyone.

Bilal’s uncle Khalid Bhai said he told us that he was going to Thakurli with his friends. We thought he would return home by night. Later when his friends told us about this incident, we were shocked. I do not understand how to tell what pain his family is going through. We still can’t believe that he is no more.

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