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Electricity Rights Of Consumers Amendment Rules: The Government of India has amended the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Rules, 2020. The Ministry of Power issued a notification in this regard on Wednesday (June 14). The notification said that the short name of these rules is the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Amendment Rules, 2023.

According to the notification, the changes made in sub-rule (5) of rule 5 of the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Rules, 2022 are as follows- 

(5) All types of smart meters shall be remotely read at least once a day and other pre-payment meters at least every three months by the authorized representative of a distribution licensee. Reading will be done at least once. 

Energy consumption data shall be made available to the consumer through website or mobile application or short message service and similar services etc. Data access can be provided to check minimum balance amount. 

(5A) After installation of a smart meter, no penalty shall be imposed on the consumer on the basis of maximum demand recorded by the smart meter for the period prior to the date thereof.

(5B) If the maximum demand recorded from the smart meter exceeds the sanctioned load in a month, the bill for that billing cycle will be calculated based on the actual maximum demand recorded . The consumer will be informed about this change in calculation through short message service or mobile application. 

In the principal rules, after rule 8, the following rules shall be inserted-

(8A) Time of Day Tariff- Time of Day Tariff for commercial and industrial consumers with peak demand of more than ten kilowatts Date before 1st April, 2024 and time of day tariff for consumers other than agricultural consumers shall be made effective before 1st April, 2025 and this time of day tariff for consumers with smart meters shall become effective immediately after installation of smart meters. 

The time of day tariff specified by the State Commission for commercial and industrial consumers during the peak period of the day shall not be less than 1.20 times the normal tariff and for other consumers it shall not be less than 1.10 times the normal tariff, but The tariff for solar hours of the day specified by the State Commission shall be at least 20% less than the normal tariff for that category of consumers. 

Normal tariff Time of day tariff will be applicable on energy charge component. The duration of peak hours shall not exceed the solar hours notified by the State Commission or the State Load Despatch Centre. Solar hours shall mean the period of eight hours in a day specified by the State Commission.

(8B) Tariff display- The tariff for each category of consumers shall be displayed on the website of the distribution licensee and shall be displayed to the consumers on the website of the licensee as well as the energy Changes in tariff excluding fuel surcharge and other charges shall be notified at least one month in advance through bills or short message service or mobile application and similar services etc.

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