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From street, intersection, nook to main road… girls are not safe anywhere in the capital Delhi. In the last 5 months, 3 incidents of killing of girls have further strengthened these facts. One thing is common in all these murders, that is the police claim.

Talking about NCRB figures, 13,892 cases of crime against women were registered in Delhi in 2021. Along with this, the incident of rape with two minor girls also came to the fore every day in Delhi. 

Not only this, 3,948 cases of kidnapping  , 4,674 cases of cruelty by husbands, and 833 cases of rape of girls were registered in Delhi in 2021. In its report, NCRB also named Delhi as the most unsafe for women.

Many such heart-wrenching incidents came to the fore, due to which the whole country was shaken. However, the situation did not change. In this story, we get to know about those incidents in the capital, which exposed the claims of police security.

Actually, the gruesome murder of a minor girl in Delhi’s Shahabad Dairy area has shaken the whole country. A CCTV footage just before this murder is also going viral, in which a young man named Sahil is seen attacking a 16-year-old minor with a knife more than 20 times. After stabbing the girl, the accused repeatedly crushed the girl with a stone. 

During this time many people were present there but no one tried to help the minor. Everyone remained onlookers. Sahila, who carried out this gruesome murder, is currently in police custody. Sahil has been arrested by the UP Police in Bulandshahr on May 29. 

The post mortem report of the girl has also come. According to the report, 16 knife wounds have been found on the body of the minor, in which 6 wounds are on the neck and 10 wounds on the stomach. 

The victim’s closeness to her ex-boyfriend and distance from Sahil made her unhappy. Two days before the murder i.e. on Saturday also, there was a fight between the two over Praveen’s closeness. 

Police have registered a case against the accused under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on the complaint of the father of the deceased. About a year before this massacre, Shraddha Walker was brutally murdered in Delhi itself. This massacre had also blown the senses of the Delhi Police. Let us know about 9 such murder cases in Delhi so far. 

Nikki Yadav murder case- Kanjhawala murder case

This year, the massacre that took place in the month of February had shaken the whole country. 22-year-old Nikki used to live in a live-in relationship with 24-year-old Sahil. Sahil Gehlot parked the car near a tree near Nigam Bodh Ghat at 10 am on February 10. Nikki and Sahil have a fight and argument and in a fit of rage, Sahil strangulates Nikki with a data cable in the car. 

A similar case came to the fore on 31st December and 1st January. When the whole world was celebrating the new year. The same night a girl Anjali died in Delhi’s Kanjhawala. Death too which hardly anyone would have imagined. In fact, in the early hours of January 1, a passer-by saw a dead body dragging behind the car. 

The same person called the police at around 3.24 pm. The young man named Deepak told that he was waiting for the delivery of milk at around 3.15 when he saw a car coming. The body of a girl was trapped in the car. 

Police investigation revealed that Anjali had consumed a lot of alcohol on the night of 31 December and 1 January. She was driving a scooty under the influence of alcohol and she collided with a car. Anjali came under the vehicle after the collision. 

3. Ankit Saxena- Riya Gautam murder case 

About a year and a half ago, a person named Ankit Saxena was murdered by slitting his throat in Khyala area of ​​Delhi. His crime was that he had loved Salima, a girl of another religion. The family members of Salima were also accused of killing Ankit. The girl herself has said in her statement that she was in love with the boy and now she is also in danger of her life from her family members.

4. Shraddha Walker Murder Case- Ankit Sharma Murder Case 

Delhi Police arrested Aftab Poonawalla on November 12 for the murder of Shraddha Walkar in Mehrauli area of ​​South Delhi. Aftab had strangled Shraddha to death and cut her body into 35 pieces. For several days after the murder, Aftab May kept those pieces in the refrigerator of the house. Aftab killed Shraddha on the evening of May 18, 2022.

5.  Nirbhaya gang rape- Tandoor murder case

This is about the year 1995 and the national capital Delhi. At that time a man living in Delhi had murdered his wife on the suspicion of having an illegal relationship. The name of the person who committed the murder was Sushil Sharma and his wife’s name was Naina Sahni. 

Sushil suspected that his wife was shot dead instead of him. Not only this, after killing his wife, Sushil tried to dispose of her dead body. In such a situation, he chose a friend’s hotel to hide the dead body and he tried to burn the dead body in a tandoor. It is said that before burning the dead body in the oven, he had divided the dead body into many pieces.  


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