The agenda of 2024 will be decided in the meeting of opposition parties, a committee can be formed on all issues -aabtak24


Opposition Meeting: All the opposition parties have gathered in Bengaluru, after which a big meeting will be held on Tuesday, 18th July. Before this, the leaders of the opposition parties will also be together in the dinner.

Consideration on forming a committee
In this meeting of opposition parties to be held in Bengaluru, there is talk of making a common minimum program for the alliance in the coming elections, for which a committee will be constituted. Will go This committee will keep an eye on all aspects of the alliance and further a draft will be prepared regarding seat sharing. According to each state, different seat sharing formula will be worked out, preparations are on to implement it with the consent of all the parties. 

New name in place of UPA
Apart from seat sharing, another committee can also be considered during this meeting, this committee will prepare the agenda, rallies and movements of all the parties. Will make an important contribution. Apart from this, preparations are on to change the name of UPA as well. It is being told that all the opposition parties can give a new name to this Grand Alliance. Till now, under the leadership of the Congress, all the small parties used to unite under the UPA. Which can now be changed. At the same time, no picture is clear regarding the leadership of the Congress. 

Before the meeting of the opposition parties, this information was given by the Congress leaders, in which it was told that 26 parties have come together against the policies of BJP and the attempt to suppress the opposition through ED-CBI. All major opposition parties including Aam Aadmi Party, Trinamool Congress, NCP are participating in this meeting. 


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