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Rahul Gandhi Defamation Case: The Gujarat High Court on Friday (July 7) refused to grant any leniency to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a two-year sentence in a criminal defamation case related to the Modi surname. . Congress leader P Chidambaram has given his reaction on this decision of the High Court. 

P Chidambaram said that it had never happened before in the history of 162 years of the Indian Penal Code that someone was sentenced to two years for such statements. He tweeted that the whole purpose of defamation against Rahul Gandhi was to disqualify him from the membership of Parliament. What happened next was an attempt to justify the disqualification.

Congress leader P Chidambaram said, I again reiterate that in 162 years since the Indian Penal Code came into force, there has not been a case in which the court has sentenced the maximum sentence of two years. I hope that one day justice will be done in this matter.

The whole purpose of the ‘defamation’ case against Mr Rahul Gandhi was to disqualify him from Parliament

Everything that followed is an attempt to justify the disqualification

Let me repeat what I had said earlier: In the 162 years the Indian Penal Code has been in force, there…

— P. Chidambaram (@PChidambaram_IN)

Gujarat High Court dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s petition by saying what? There are 10 cases going on in the case, so the order of the trial court sentencing him to two years imprisonment is completely just, proper and valid. The court said that they have no reasonable ground to stay the conviction verdict in this case. 

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