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Manipur Violence: Women rally outside the residence of Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Education Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh in Manipur. The rally took a violent turn when the protesters pelted stones at the residence. The protesters were demanding the minister to make a statement in Parliament on the situation in the ethnic violence-hit state. 

This is the second attack on Union Minister of State for External Affairs Singh’s residence in two months. Meanwhile, students of Manipur University took out a rally during the day demanding restoration of peace in the state.

Police fired tear gas shells to disperse the students as the youths were passing through an area in which they were not allowed to hold the rally. The incidents come days after a video surfaced of an incident in Kangpokpi district on May 4. 

There is an atmosphere of outrage across the country
In the video, two women can be seen being paraded naked in the crowd. After the video surfaced, there has been an atmosphere of anger across the country. No one was present at the minister’s residence when the attack took place.

Although there was not much damage to the house. Security personnel deployed at the minister’s residence in Kongba area of ​​Imphal city dispersed the protesters, who were also demanding restoration of internet services.  

A protester said, “We demand that the minister should speak in Parliament about the state’s situation. We want internet services to be restored. We want to let people know what is happening to us.”

Has there been an attack before?
Authorities banned internet services in the northeastern state for the first time since clashes broke out between ethnic communities on May 3. The restrictions on internet have been extended from time to time ‘to prevent any disturbance of peace and public order’.

Earlier, on the night of June 15, a mob attacked the minister’s residence and tried to set it on fire. A section of Manipur University students took out a rally in Imphal city, demanding restoration of peace in the northeastern state. Organized by the Manipur University Students’ Union, the rally started from the entrance gate of the university at Kancheepuram here.

Students take out rally
Police said they had permission to go to Kakwa, about two kilometers away.  However, the students wanted to rally beyond Kakwa and up to Singjamei, about four kilometers from the university gate.

When the protesters tried to cross Kakwa to go to Singjamei, the police fired tear gas to disperse them, leading to  arguments between the officers and the students. The students protested the police action, saying they were unarmed and wanted to hold a peaceful rally.

Tribal Solidarity March on May 3 in hill districts to protest against demand of majority Meitei community for Scheduled Tribe status in Manipur. More than 160 people have died so far in the ethnic violence that broke out in the state after the event.

Meites account for about 53 percent of Manipur’s population and most of them live in the Imphal Valley, while tribal communities including the Nagas and Kukis account for 40 percent and live mainly in the hill districts.

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