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Delhi Crime: An incident has come to light from Burari in Delhi, knowing about which you will be shocked. Actually, in the family living in Burari, the son suspected that his father does black magic. That’s why he decided to spy on them, so he installed a camera in their room. After installing the camera, he came to know that his father rapes a girl.

After this, the son complained by sending the video of the rape with the girl to the girl’s father. After which the information about the matter was given to the police, after which the police arrested both father and son. According to the police, the matter is being investigated. 

What is the whole matter?
According to the Delhi Police, the matter came to light when on June 27 He received a complaint about the rape of a 68-year-old man. In the complaint, it was said that his daughter was raped by seduction in April. 

When the accused were questioned in this case, the son told that he felt that his father To check whether they do magic, he hid a camera in his father’s room. After this, when he found the camera, it was found that he was raping. Due to which the son shared that video with the victim’s father, but he was also arrested for recording the video of a minor. 

Mirzapur was inspired by the web series
When the elderly was questioned, it was found that he was influenced by the Mirzapur web series. Where he saw Kaleen Bhaiya’s father raping the domestic help. Police said that the old man has been arrested and sent to judicial custody. 

At the same time, another person has also been sent to jail in this case, this is the same person who threatened the girl’s family. had tried. The police have arrested him in a separate case. 

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