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Snake Byte In Rajasthan: When death comes, no one can escape from it. The same happened with a person from Rajasthan. He was bitten by a snake, admitted to the hospital, treated for four days. After recovering, he reached home after being discharged from the hospital that the next day the snake bit him again and he died. The shocking incident is from Rajasthan.

Both times the same snake bitten

According to the report of India Today, the person was bitten both times by a snake named Bandi. This is a subspecies of Viper, which is found in the desert region of Rajasthan. Police is also probing the shocking incident.

The first time the snake had bitten Jasab Khan near the ankle, after which he had reached Pokhran’s hospital for treatment. After getting treated, he returned on June 25 and the next day the same snake bit him again. This time the snake had bitten on the other leg.

Various things happening about snake bite

It is being said that Jasab Khan’s body was still recovering from the effect of the poison of the first time, in such a situation, the snake’s poison reaching the body for the second time became the cause of death. At the same time, people in the area are talking different things about snake bite. There is a question in the mind of the people that why did the snake bite the same person twice. Some people linking it with superstition are also telling the revenge of the snake.

Jasab is survived by his mother, wife, four daughters and a 5-year-old son. The family had killed the snake that had bitten Jasab. Whereas, the police handed over the body of Jasab Khan to the family after the postmortem.

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