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Sleepers Buses: A private sleeper bus overturned on the Samridhi Expressway in Maharashtra’s Buldhana late on Friday night. The diesel tank of this bus going from Nagpur to Pune exploded, due to which the fire broke out. 26 people died in this accident. 8 people including the driver somehow saved their lives. After the accident, many questions have been raised regarding the sleeper buses.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the designers who made the body of the bus called sleeper buses as moving coffins and demanded that they should be stopped. Ravi Mahandale, who manufactures AC buses for Maharashtra State Transport, said, ‚ÄúSleeper buses carry passengers but there is not enough space for them to sit. It is also difficult to move hands and feet.”

Hence the questions arising

He further said, “Such buses are eight to nine feet high. In such a situation, when she suddenly bends to one side, it becomes very difficult for the passengers to reach the emergency gate. During an accident, it becomes very difficult to climb to such a height and rescue people trapped inside the bus.”

Letters written to stop production

Ravi Mahandale says, “I have written several letters to the Transport Ministry demanding that the production of sleeper buses be stopped. However, unfortunately no response has been received yet.”

He further explains that sleeper buses do not run anywhere except India and Pakistan. On the other hand, the traffic department in Pune city is now going to start a campaign to check the fitness certificates of such buses. Apart from this, experts are also advocating to rein on the speed on the highway. He believes that high speed is also a major reason for the accident.”

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