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Elder Age Women Survey: A report has come out regarding the condition of elderly women, in which it has been told that what is the condition of old women in India. Ahead of ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ (June 15), HelpAge India has released its national 2023 report – ‘Women and Aging: Invisible or Empowered?’ Has submitted its report on.

This is the first of its kind report that focuses only on older women. In this, such old women have been included who have been victims of exploitation in many ways. This survey has been released by Ipsos Research Private Limited. In which 7911 old women were included. These covered both rural and urban India with 20 states, 2 union territories and 5 metro cities. After that the report came out.

What about older women in the report?

In the report, information related to misbehavior against elderly women was given. 16 percent were women who were abused. For the first time such incidents came to light with these women in the report. Physical violence was also reported among senior women in abuse, which included 50 percent of women. This was followed by 46 per cent cases of disrespect and 31 per cent cases of mental abuse.

Sons also did not support?

According to the most shocking thing that came out in this report, the sons did not support their mother. The report states that sons were also involved in misbehavior with elderly women, whose figure was up to 40 percent. This was followed by other relatives who made up 31 percent.

The daughters-in-law also left no stone unturned

After sons, 27 percent of women were participants in the misbehavior done by daughters-in-law. At the same time, even after facing abuse, most of the old women did not even report it. In which 18 percent are women. This was followed by 16% feeling that they had no information about the resources available to them, while 13% felt that their concerns would not be taken seriously.

15% of parents and senior citizens are aware of the Maintenance and Welfare of the Act and 78% of older women are not aware of any government welfare schemes. His social status added to his distress.  18% of older women said they faced discrimination for being a woman, while 64% faced social discrimination because of their marital status.

On the economic front, 53% of older women do not feel financially secure. Of those who feel this way, they are dependent on their children. 66% of older women in India do not have any assets, 75% of older women do not have any savings.

As far as digital inclusion is concerned, older women lag far behind, with 60% of older women having never used a digital device. 59% of older women do not have a smartphone. 13% older women said that they would like to enroll for some skill development program online.

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