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Sharad Pawar Daughter Supriya Sule: NCP MP Supriya Sule has been in discussion for the last two days for helping the general public. On Saturday (May 27), Supriya helped the passengers whose bus broke down at Katraj Ghat. The Shivshahi bus going from Swargate to Sangli broke down at Katraj Ghat in Pune. At that time the MP was going from Pune towards Bhor. Then he stopped his car after seeing the passengers standing in the sun. 

Supriya Sule made some passengers sit in her car and some in ST bus. Everyone was taken to the office near Khed Shivpur toll naka and given necessary basic facilities and refreshments. Supriya Sule called Swargate Depot and suggested sending another bus to Sangli, following which the passengers soon left for Sangli and Miraj. 

Supriya Sule came to help amid traffic jam 

Earlier, Supriya Sule had landed on the road to fix the traffic jam near Khadakwasla dam. Actually, there was a huge jam on the Khadakwasla dam road on Sunday (May 28) evening. Due to Sunday, there were many tourists in Sinhagad, so there was a traffic jam. Supriya Sule resolved the jam by walking two kilometers. During this she was going towards Baramati constituency. 

Supriya Sule at the inauguration of the new Parliament House

Regarding the inauguration ceremony of the new building of Parliament, Supriya Sule said, “Without the presence of the opposition The inauguration of the new parliament building cannot be completed, it means that there is no democracy in the country. This is an incomplete program. Our memories are attached to the old Parliament House."

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