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Seema Haider: Seema Haider, who came to India after leaving her country for love, may be making many allegations against her husband Ghulam Haider, but once upon a time she loved him very much. For this love, he went against everyone and even married a slave. Their love started with a missed call and then they got married. Both had to struggle a lot for marriage too.

Had left home to marry Ghulam
According to a BBC report, Seema and Ghulam started talking through a missed call. Ghulam calls Seema to answer the missed call and then slowly both of them fall in love. After this both of them decided to get married, but both knew that there would be many difficulties to get married. Seema left her home for this. 

Both are from Sindh province of Pakistan
According to the report, both of them got married after leaving the house and the matter reached the village panchayat. The Panchayat fined the family of Ghulam Haider. According to the report, after marriage, Ghulam went to Karachi for work. Staying here, he started earning by driving auto rickshaws and doing wages and then shifted to Saudi in 2019. Seema’s full name is Seema Rind and she is from Khairpur district of Sindh province of Pakistan and Ghulam Haider is from Jakokabad. Both of them are Baloch.

Had left Pakistan for Indian boyfriend Sachin
Seema and her Indian boyfriend Sachin are in a lot of discussions for a few days. Seema had left Pakistan and came to India to marry her Indian lover Sachin Meena. Both had met through the gaming app PUBG. From here the round of talks started, first became friends and then this friendship turned into love. While narrating the story of her love, Seema Haider also told that she was not brought here by allurement, rather she moved from Pakistan to India on her own free will to find her love. Seema and Ghulam also have four children, whom Sachin has adopted.

This is how Seema was caught
When Seema and Sachin approached a lawyer in Bulandshahr for a court marriage, he said that he is a Pakistani and cannot marry Sachin . It was from here that the police got information about the love story of Seema and Sachin and both were arrested. Seema, Sachin and Sachin’s father were arrested for illegally entering India. At present all three have got bail.

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