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Terrorism In Jammu Kashmir: After the Kashmir Valley, security agencies prepared a list of about 250 terrorists in Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban districts of Jammu to give a final attack on terror in Jammu, on whom they will be arrested soon. Only surgical strike will be done.

According to the security agencies, the terrorists sitting in Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are continuously plotting against India and now the security agencies are busy in seizing the properties of these terrorists. 

Pakistan keeps on trying to spread unrest in Jammu and Kashmir
There is peace these days in the districts of Ramban, Doda and Kishtwar of Jammu division, which were once infamous for terrorism, and this peace cannot be digested by Pakistan. Getting Pakistan has been continuously trying to spread unrest in these three districts of Jammu and by tricking the youth here, they should be thrown into the furnace of terror.  

But the security forces have got a clue of Pakistan’s conspiracy and the security forces have prepared a list of about 250 terrorists in these three districts who are plotting against India by sitting in Pakistan or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

If the security forces are to be believed, along with the list of these terrorists sitting in Pakistan, the complete details of their properties are also with the security agency and soon the process of seizing all these properties will be started.

Terrorists sitting in PoK are inciting them to follow the path of terror
If security agencies are to be believed, these 250 terrorists sitting in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are active terrorists and Pakistan’s intelligence agency. At the behest of ISI, Doda is calling not only his relatives in Kishtwar and Ramban but also the innocent youth here and inciting them to choose the path of terror. 

The motive of Pakistan behind this exercise is clear that terror can be revived in these 3 districts of Jammu. But the security forces are also gearing up to foil the conspiracy of Pakistan and electronic surveillance is keeping an eye on the entire district. All the youths who are getting calls from Pakistan, the security forces are calling them and questioning them.

Security forces made a list of terrorists
Security forces claim that the houses of all the terrorists whose names are appearing in this list are currently being raided. For this purpose, the security forces are conducting raids in Jammu after taking orders from the NIT court, for which not only special investigative units of Jammu and Kashmir Police force have also been deployed in these districts.

According to the security forces, the activities of the youths who are receiving phone calls from terrorists sitting in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are being continuously monitored.

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