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Delhi Govt On MCD Schools: Principals of Municipal Corporation of Delhi schools are going to take training from IIM to learn the tricks of ‘school management’ and ‘leadership’. In this direction, the first batch of 50 principals from MCD schools is going to IIM Ahmedabad for seven days training on 29th June. On Tuesday (June 27), Delhi Education Minister Atishi and Mayor Shaili Oberoi announced this through a press conference. 

AAP will remove the plight of MCD schools- Atishi

Delhi’s Education Minister said that for the last 15 years the education system of MCD is so bad that most of the children could not even learn to read and write, but now Aam Aadmi Party will remove this plight from MCD schools. In this direction, excellent training of principals of MCD schools will help in bringing education revolution in MCD schools and the day is not far when every child of Delhi will get world class education from nursery to 12th standard. 

Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that on the lines of Delhi government schools, now we will get teachers and principals of MCD schools trained from India and abroad. It has already started with training in school leadership and management at IIM Ahmedabad.

Atishi said – 25 percent of the total budget was given to education

Education Minister Atishi said that education has been the biggest priority of the Kejriwal government. Ever since Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi, education has got the biggest share in Delhi’s budget every year. 

He said that the Kejriwal government has consistently given about 25 percent of the total budget to education, which is more than any other state in the country. This investment by the Kejriwal government in education has brought about an education revolution in Delhi and today the whole country and the world is watching it.

He said that most of the schools of Delhi government are from 6th to 12th class. A major challenge in Delhi’s education system has been primary education. It has been observed that the children who get admission from MCD schools to Delhi government schools in class VI do not even know basic reading and writing as the education system of MCD has been in such a bad condition since last 15 years that children from nursery Even after taking 7 years of education till fifth standard, he could not learn to read and write. He said that since the Aam Aadmi Party government has been formed in MCD,  education has become our first priority in MCD too.

‘World Class Training Begins’

He said that work has started on the infrastructure and maintenance of schools in this direction and now the process of world class training has also started for the principals and teachers of MCD schools because if the children of Delhi get world class education. For this it is necessary that we provide the best training to our teachers and principals of MCD schools. 

He said that if we talk about the best training institutes in leadership and management, then IIM is included in the top. He said, “I am happy to announce that henceforth principals of MCD schools will also be sent for training in IIM Ahmedabad and other IIMs.”

‘Top professors of IIMs will give training’

Delhi’s Education Minister said that the first batch of 50 principals of MCD schools will go to IIM Ahmedabad for training on 29th June. This training will last for a week, where all the principals will be trained by top IIM professors on school leadership and management. 

He said, β€œIn the last 8 years, there has been an education revolution in Delhi government schools and I am sure that as our teachers and principals take training and become empowered, there is no stopping the education revolution from coming to MCD schools as well.” Can stop and in the coming few years every child of Delhi will get world class education from nursery to 12th.

Delhi Mayor Shaili Oberoi said this

On this occasion, Mayor Shaili Oberoi said that the change that came in the schools of Delhi Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, now the same change will come in the schools of MCD. He said that primary education is the basic education of children which is most important because when the foundation of the child is strong then he will be able to learn better in higher classes without any difficulty. That’s why we are focusing on empowering our teachers.

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)Shelly Oberoi


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