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Opposition Meeting: An important meeting of opposition parties is going to be held in Bengaluru, in which all big opposition leaders including Sharad Pawar are participating. Before this meeting, the whole of Bangalore was plastered with posters, in which the opposition has been told to be united. However, among these posters, some such posters were also put up late in the night, in which Nitish Kumar was targeted. It was Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who took the initiative of opposition unity, after which posters put up late at night termed him as an unstable PM candidate. Many more such big posters were also seen in Bengaluru. 

Sultanganj Bridge also has a picture
Apart from calling Nitish Kumar an unstable PM candidate, another poster was seen with a picture of the Sultanganj bridge. This bridge had collapsed a few days back and fell into the river. In the poster, first Nitish Kumar has been welcomed and after that it has been written that Bihar has been given the gift of destruction by Nitish Kumar. The date of the incident has also been mentioned in the poster. The poster also talks about his resignation. 

Search continues for those who put up posters
The search has begun for those who put up posters criticizing Nitish Kumar among the posters of opposition unity. The police is trying to identify the accused from the CCTV footage. The question is also arising as to how these huge posters were put up overnight. At present, the police have removed all such posters early in the morning. It is also being seen in other places that such posters should not be put up. 

Tell that all the big opposition leaders have gathered in Bengaluru, after which today is the important and second day of the meeting. Preparations were going on for the last several days regarding this meeting in Bengaluru, posters of all big opposition leaders have been put up all over the city. In which there is talk of opposition unity. 

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