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Kerala News: A strange case has come to light from Kovalam in Kerala. Here, just before the wedding, the police forcefully took the bride with them. Actually, young men and women of different religions were going to get married in a temple on Sunday (June 18). Even before the marriage took place, the police took the bride with them. The bride kept shouting that she did not want to go. 

What did the bride say about the incident 

The girl gave a statement in the court that she is doing this marriage with a boy named Akhil of her own free will. Alfia said, "When the police took me to the court, Akhil also reached there in some time. After recording my statement, I was allowed to go with Akhil." Meanwhile, a senior Alappuzha district police officer said that a missing person’s complaint had been lodged at Kayamkulam police station and they had to present the woman in a court there. 

What did the police officer say about the matter

The police officer told the news agency PTI that he was instructed to present the woman in the court. They were just performing their duties. They do not know that the policemen used force with the girl. The girl told the court that she wanted to go with the groom and she went with him. He said he would investigate whether force was used with the girl. 

Alfia and Akhil will get married on June 20 

Alfia told that the police took her away, while she had given a statement a few days ago that she was going with Akhil to marry her of her own free will. She said that she has known Akhil for more than a year. The complaint was lodged with the police by the parents of the girl. They don’t want their girl to stay with Akhil. At the same time, Akhil says that even in the Kovalam police station, he was not allowed to go near Alfia and he was abused. Alfia and Akhil have decided that they will get married on Tuesday (June 20) and will also file a complaint against the conduct of the police. 

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