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Rafale-M Deal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to France is important in terms of strategic partnership between the two countries, this visit has strategic importance for the Indian Navy. India, which has already bought 36 Rafale aircraft for the Air Force, is now going to buy Rafale M aircraft from France for the Indian Navy.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France, there is every possibility that both countries can announce big defense projects. Along with this, plans related to the purchase of Rafale M fighter jet for the Navy can also be announced. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may also put pressure on French President Emmanuel Macron for early supply of Rafale-M aircraft keeping in view the requirements of the Indian Navy.

Rafael M selected after a long process

After a long process, the Indian Navy had selected Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet and French aerospace company ‘Dassault Aviation”s Rafale-M aircraft for purchase. Now the name of  Rafale-M has been stamped. Rafale-M is the naval version of the Rafale fighter jets of France. Similarly, the F/A-18 Super Hornet of the American company Boeing is also a fighter aircraft designed according to the needs of the Navy. Both had demonstrated their operational capabilities last year. After this, a report was submitted by the Indian Navy regarding the decision to acquire modern and best fighter aircraft for the first indigenous aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikrant’.

Ministry of Defense engaged in approving the procurement process

Proposals related to the purchase of 26 Rafale-M aircraft have been approved by the Defense Procurement Board (DPB) of the Ministry of Defense. These proposals include the purchase of Rafale-M aircraft as well as three Scorpene submarines for the Navy. Now the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will consider these purchase proposals. These proposals are likely to be approved by the Defense Acquisition Council before Prime Minister Modi reaches France.

Along with this, both sides have also come close to sealing an agreement. According to this agreement, the leading French defense company ‘Safran’ and an Indian company will jointly develop an aircraft engine in India.

Operations from the Deck of INS Vikrant

Rafale-M fighter aircraft are to be procured to be operated from the deck of the indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. As we know, MiG-29s are currently operated from aircraft carriers INS Vikramaditya and Vikrant.  The need for Rafale aircraft was felt for a long time to operate on both these aircraft carriers.

PM Modi to be special guest at Bastille Day parade

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to France on a two-day visit. He will attend the National Day celebrations of France on 14 July. It is also known as Bastille Day parade. PM Modi will attend this parade as a special guest. Going to France on the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. This will be a historic moment for India. France does not usually invite foreign dignitaries to its National Day celebrations.

Indian army contingent is also taking part in the parade

This year’s Bastille Day parade is going to be historic in terms of strategic partnership and military cooperation between the two countries. While PM Modi will be the special guest, a contingent of Indian military forces will also take part in this parade, in which the whole world will see the strength and skills of the three wings of the Indian Army, Army, Airforce and Navy. A 269-member contingent has been sent to France for this parade by the three armies of India.

Rafael M has been needed for a long time

Prime Minister

According to the proposals, out of 26 to be purchased for the Navy, 22 will be single-seated Rafale M Marine aircraft and 4 will be trainer aircraft. The three Scorpene class submarines will be acquired under repeat clause as part of Project 75, to be built at Mazagon Dockyard Limited in Mumbai.

In this way, the full details of the cost of these purchases will be available only after the announcement of the deal, but it is being said that this deal can be worth more than 90 thousand crore rupees. India’s effort is to include maximum ‘Make in India’ content in these proposals.

Strong position in the Indo-Pacific region

Indian Navy was feeling the need of these fighter planes and submarines for a long time. In view of the strategic challenges present in the Indo-Pacific region, the Navy wanted the two countries to agree on the purchase proposals related to them as soon as possible. China is constantly trying to increase its dominance in the Indo-Pacific region. In such a situation, considering the security challenges related to this region, the importance of three Scorpene submarines along with Rafale-M Marine fighter jets is very high for the Indian Navy.

Special features of Rafale M fighter aircraft

India has already bought 36 Rafale aircraft from France for its Air Force. Now the Rafale aircraft that India will buy for the Navy is slightly different from the aircraft bought for the Airforce. To put it mildly, both the aircraft are similar, both are multirole fatir jets, but the naval version has a stronger front end and reinforced undercarriage. That is, its lower structure or say that the part under the main cabin is more powerful. It is easier for fighter aircraft to land on an aircraft carrier.

Like Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet, the Rafale M aircraft will be a fighter aircraft developed in terms of short take-off and arrested recovery techniques required for deck deployment on INS Vikrant. This aircraft will use an upward curve ramp for launch. The Rafale-M has better air power than the MiG-29K currently deployed on INS Vikrant.

25 Years of Strategic Partnership

The relation between India and France has strengthened rapidly in the last two and a half decades. 25 years of strategic partnership between the two countries have been completed. In 1998, the then French President Jacques Chirac visited India. At that time both the countries had decided to convert the bilateral relations into a strategic partnership.

Defence cooperation a key pillar of the strategic partnership

One of the major dimensions of cooperation between the two countries is the defense sector. This is also evident from the participation of the Indian Army contingent in the Bastille Day parade in France. Earlier, the way the Soviet Union used to take steps to help India all the time, France’s attitude towards India has also been similar for the last few years. France can also prove to be a better option in terms of reducing dependence on Russia in the defense sector. At present, after Russia, we get the most weapons from France. Even so, China’s closeness with Russia is increasing.

Defence cooperation will get a new dimension

In view of the changing global order and strategic point of view, getting a new dimension in defense cooperation between India and France is the need of the hour from the point of view of bilateral and common interests of both the countries. France is a reliable country for India to cooperate in the purchase of arms as well as in defense technology. For a long time, France has been a reliable supplier of defense equipment and technology to India. There has been cooperation between the two countries in the construction of fighter aircraft to submarines. Bilateral defense cooperation will be further strengthened after the deal related to fighter jet Rafale M  with France for the Indian Navy.

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