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PM Modi Egypt Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi held wide-ranging talks on Sunday (June 25) with special emphasis on increasing political and security cooperation. With this, the two countries raised the status of their relations to the level of ‘strategic partnership’.

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Vinay Kwatra said, "The two leaders held talks after President Sisi’s visit to India earlier this year, during which the two leaders (Modi and al-Sisi) discussed a whole range of bilateral cooperation. Along with this, important issues of the region and the world were also discussed."

Emphasis on increasing defense cooperation, trade-investment relationship
He said, "This is evident from the discussions and the subsequent signing of MoUs and agreements on which the two leaders agreed to enhance political and security cooperation, defense cooperation, trade-investment relations, scientific and academic cooperation, and people-to-people relations between the two countries. Special emphasis is placed on strengthening"

The foreign secretary said that apart from the agreement on strategic partnership, the two countries signed three more agreements on agriculture and allied sectors, protection of monuments and archaeological sites, and competition law.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone on a two-day state visit to Egypt. The PM reached Egypt on Saturday (June 24) after visiting America. The PM met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo on Sunday as well as visited several important sites. The PM also visited the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo during this period.

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