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Joshimath Rain Alert: Joshimath, located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, has been in the limelight in recent months due to land subsidence. Today the same Joshimath is once again in discussion. The torrential rains in Uttarakhand have added to the woes of the people living in Joshimath.

In January this year, cracks started appearing in the houses in Joshimath, then people were shifted from here to relief camps by the government. Then the government had also talked about giving compensation to the affected people. The biggest problem of the people is that people have got very less than the compensation amount. While the administration says that people have been given the compensation fixed by the government according to their land and house. 

People in Joshimath also got compensation, but after a few days, seeing the situation becoming normal for some time, people once again returned to these houses. Amidst the possibility of huge cracks and land subsidence in the entire house, people are living in these extremely dangerous houses. The condition of the house which was already in a dangerous condition for anyone to live in, has been worsened by the rain water. After the rains, the cracks in the houses have started increasing even more. The land has also started sinking fast. The situation is as if the roof of the house may fall on the head anytime. 

Local people narrated the incident 
Local woman Sumitra Rawat told that a big family used to live in her house, but when cracks appeared in the house, the administration got them shifted somewhere else. The whole family now lives in a rented house in Joshimath itself, but Sumitra reaches daily in the morning to take care of her dilapidated house. Tears started flowing from Sumitra’s eyes while narrating her tragedy. She says that she has married 2-2 daughters from this house. Many memories are also attached to this house. In such a situation, do not want to leave the house. This is the reason why they first tried to fill the cracks in the house, but after the rains, the ground is sinking so fast that the place to fill the cracks has started increasing and the fear of the house collapsing has increased even more. Sumitra said that she has definitely received compensation of up to 25 lakhs from the government, but how will the house be built with this much money. Because the land has to be bought and the house has to be built as well. Sumitra says that the government should increase the amount of compensation, it is insufficient.

The picture of the Saklani family living here also tells the same thing. He told that the government has given a compensation of 8 lakhs. How will a house be built in such little money? Vinod Saklani says that either the government should give him an increase in the amount of compensation or he should build a house in its place, otherwise he is ready to return this compensation. Although the administration has made arrangements in a hotel for the time being. Despite this, the whole family lives in this house. The woman living in the house said that there is a lot of stuff at home, cattle live there and there is agriculture too. That’s why one has to live here for work, but when it rains, the fear increases. Especially at night, these people go to hotels to stay, whose rent is being paid by the government.

The ground sank as the electric poles fell
People living at the house told that the administration has ordered to vacate the house as soon as possible or else it will be forcibly removed, but these The problem of the people is that how to shift it to some other place with so many goods and cattle. Although the people living in the house said that the fear is very high, but now the habit of living in the midst of this fear has been cured. In such a situation, there is no other option, that is why we are forced to live in this house. House is not easily available even on rent and accommodation is not easily available in the hotel where the administration is making you stay. 

People told that walking on this path has become very dangerous now. The place has started sinking continuously due to rain water. In such a situation, it becomes even more difficult to pass through these roads at night. The local people living in Joshimath also told that during the rainy days and throughout the night, they keep vigil, there is a fear that they do not know when the house or the road will collapse. Not only this, people told that an electric pole fell after the rain. While the other electric pole has also bent towards the house. 

Similar is the condition of Manoj Shah’s house as well. Here too many cracks were seen in the house from top to bottom and the house was seen sinking from one side. When Manoj was asked why he was forced to stay in this house, tears started flowing from Manoj’s eyes. He said that how can he leave the house in which he has been living for centuries. Manoj tells that now even if he dies by being buried under this house, he will not leave the house. Joshimath’s SDM Kumkum Joshi told that people have been given compensation according to the compensation decided by the government. Despite this, if some people are living in dangerous houses, then it is very wrong. Efforts are being made by the administration to take such people to safe places as soon as possible. 

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