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CJI IIT Madras Speech: Artificial Intelligence is being seen as a new revolution in the field of IT. Meanwhile, Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud on Saturday (July 22) expressed concern over misuse of technology.

CJI Chandrachud at the convocation ceremony of IIT Madras said that nowadays we all are using technology but we still have many questions regarding it.

The CJI, while addressing the graduating students at the 60th convocation of IIT Madras, said that social media has allowed us to connect with people of all ages, but this new communication tool has given rise to new behaviors like online abuse and trolling.

Misuse for harmful purposes 
CJI Chandrachud said that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the potential to misuse, mislead, threaten or even intimidate individuals. Preventing its misuse for harmful purposes will be one of the major challenges for all. Misuse of technology online should not create fear in the minds of users.

‘When we are moving towards the future, we should see that…’
Justice Chandrachud said that when we are moving towards the future, we should see how science and technology can help in human development. Today video conferencing has changed the way we work.

Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIT Madras, Pawan Goenka said that the institute’s expenditure on research activities has increased from about Rs 250 crore earlier to Rs 1,000 crore now. A total of 2,571 students graduated during the 60th convocation.

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