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Rajnath Singh On Pakistan: India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met in New Delhi on Monday (June 5). During this, Rajnath Singh warned the US Defense Minister that America should not make the mistake of trusting Pakistan in the matter of weapons. They said, "Pakistan is not reliable at all in terms of weapons, because it can misuse weapons and technology, which can lead to regional instability."

The conversation between Rajnath Singh and Lloyd Austin went on for about an hour. During this, India and the United States recognized the need to strengthen their naval cooperation and enhance maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region. Both countries expressed their commitment to promote freedom of navigation and ensure the safety of international shipping lanes.

Questions raised on the credibility of Pakistan 

Furthermore, when it came to supplying western equipment, India had followed Pakistan. "Reliability" reiterated his concerns about Rajnath Singh emphasized that Pakistan has a history of misusing and diverting such instruments, which pose a threat to regional stability. 

What did the US Defense Minister say about China’s situation?

During this, there was also a discussion between the Defense Ministers of both the countries regarding the situation of China on LAC. The US Defense Secretary said in the press conference, "We have talked to both the countries. Our full emphasis is on not increasing the tension between the two countries." Along with this, India has urged America to increase sourcing from India for the defense sector, so that the country’s revenue can increase.

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