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Telangana CM KCR Speech: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Thursday (June 15) while addressing party workers in Nagpur, Maharashtra, spoke on several grassroots issues. He said that he does not want to criticize any one party but talks about explaining the circumstances. 

KCR raised the issue of water and electricity of the national capital Delhi. He talked about the Dalits and tribals of the country. The CM of Telangana said, “Even after 75 years of independence, there is a shortage of water in the country’s capital Delhi. Delhi is the capital of the country. There is no water in Delhi and there are power cuts too. Many people buy tankers for water there. After all, what is the reason for this?”

KCR said now farmers will go to Parliament

Chief Minister KCR said, “Now the farmers will form their own government in the country.” He sarcastically said, “The only goal in India is to win elections.” The public is tired of agitating. BRS is a mission that the whole of India has to improve.”

KCR said this on the poor, dalits and tribals

He said, “There are intellectuals of the time, like Baba Saheb Ambedkar was in our country, under his leadership a constitution was made, laws and regulations were made, the country moved on. You get some other experiences while moving along. When we walk in writing, we walk by making laws, we walk by making a path. When it starts, the experience tells something else, work is done according to it and the whole set is done within one or two decades, at most three decades.”

The CM said, “75 years have passed with us, still no one has settled.” The farmer is crying, finally committing suicide. Then who is happy? Those who are exploited-victims, deprived. What is the condition of Dalits in our country today, I say in one word, the poverty of Dalits and the injustice done to Dalits, until it stops, that blot will not go from our face. 100 percent you accept my point.”

KCR cited the example of Barack Obama

KCR said, “In a country like America where the natives were persecuted a lot by the white caste people. A lot of atrocities were done on them, but in a country like America also consciousness has awakened. America has washed away its sins by making Barack Obama the President of America. Similarly, as long as our Dalits remain exploited and deprived, we will not be able to sleep peacefully.”

He said, “It is okay that there is plenty of food in our house, but what do we think if the people in the neighboring house are fasting. Similar is the condition of our Dalit society. Somebody has to somehow rectify it, it has to be saved.’

This drama will continue – KCR

How long will such tribals fight for their rights, they are continuously fighting from the day of independence till today. The problem doesn’t go away. There is no dearth of intellectuals… no dearth of parties, no dearth of victory and defeat, then why is there no solution? These are the basic things to think about. Specially to the intellectuals here, to the youth, I humbly request everyone with folded hands, the time has come, it is necessary for us to be aware now, it is very important and until this country does not change, the country’s ideology will not change, Nothing is going to happen. Only elections will come, some party will lose, some party will win, only this drama will go on.

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