Now who will be able to read how many tweets a day? Twitter owner Elon Musk told, rate limit also updated -aabtak24


Elon Musk, the owner of the social networking site Twitter, made a big announcement on Saturday (July 1) regarding the number of tweets that can be read by users in a day. Elon Musk tweeted, “We have implemented these temporary limits to combat data scraping and system manipulation.” Verified accounts (users) are limited to 6000 posts (for reading) in a day. Unverified accounts will be able to read 600 posts and new unverified accounts will be able to read 300 posts per day."text-align: justify;">In another tweet, Musk said that the rate limit will soon be increased to 8000 for verified (accounts), 800 for unverified and 400 for new unverified.

Rate limits increasing soon to 8000 for verified, 800 for unverified & 400 for new unverified


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