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Shillong, Feb 24, 2023, IANS

Shillong, Feb 24 (IANS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the northeast is a strong pillar of the Act East Policy and Meghalaya along with the entire region has a strong prospect of trade and tourism.

He made the remarks while addressing his first election rally in Shillong ahead of the February 24 Assembly polls in Meghalaya.

The Prime Minister said that with the initiative of the NDA government, the fortune of the northeast has been changing rapidly.

“We are proud of Meghalaya’s culture and tradition. Meghalaya is the champion in culture,” Modi said this after participating in a roadshow.

“I am indebted to your love and support to the BJP. I will try to further develop Meghalaya. I have seen BJP everywhere in Meghalaya. Both hills and plans, rural areas to urban areas, BJP are everywhere. Youths, women, businessmen, or government employees, everyone wants the BJP voted to power in Meghalaya, Meghalaya means BJP Sarkar.”

Saying that for many years some people controlled the entire region for the interest of their family, Modi claimed that the the northeast did not get priority from them.

Meghalaya wants stability under a strong party, the Prime Minister said, adding that people want the state first not family first.

Modi came to Shillong after addressing his first election rally in Dimapur.

From Shillong, he left for Tura in West Garo Hills district to address another election rally. BJP, which has two MLAs in the outgoing Meghalaya Assembly, has fielded candidates on its own in all 60 seats.


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