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NDA Meeting: Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that people are with him. He said on Tuesday (July 18) that the NDA should Lok Sabha elections will get more than 50 percent votes. 

PM Modi said, “NDA got 38 percent of the total votes in 2014. we worked. That’s why people trusted us. It increased to 45 percent in 2019. All our alliance partners are working. In such a situation, I believe that in 2024 we will get 50 percent of the total votes."text-align: justify;">What did PM Modi say?
Addressing the meeting of NDA leaders, PM Modi said, ‘‘When the alliance is due to the compulsion of power, when the alliance is with the intention of corruption Yes, when the alliance is based on the policy of dynasticism, when the alliance is done keeping casteism and regionalism in mind, then such an alliance does a lot of harm to the country.’’

He said that there has been a long tradition of political alliances in the country, but any alliance formed with negativity could never be successful. 

Target on Congress
PM Modi said that Congress used alliances to bring instability in the country in the 90s. Congress formed governments and spoiled the governments. He said that the NDA was formed in 1988, but its aim was not only to form governments and gain power. 

He said, ‘‘NDA was not formed in opposition to anyone, NDA was not formed to remove anyone from power. NDA was formed to bring stability in the country. When there is a stable government in a country, then the country takes a bold decision which changes the philosophy of the country. ’’

PM Modi said that in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), N stands for ‘New India’, D stands for ‘Developed Nation’ And A means ‘aspiration of the people’. Today youth, women, middle class, Dalits and underprivileged trust NDA. 

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