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West Bengal Panchayat Election 2023: The battle of Panchayat elections in West Bengal is getting interesting. For the first time, TMC leader and Chief Minister of the state Mamta Banerjee, who came out to campaign for the Panchayat elections, has made a personal attack on PM Modi after a long time. Addressing a public meeting in Cooch Behar, Mamata Banerjee said, Modi has gone to satisfy America by wasting the government’s money. 

Mamata Banerjee called the families of those killed in BSF firing on stage. And said, I have news that these people will spread fear by going to the border. If you scare, then you will complain. He has accused the BJP government at the Center of not giving money for the housing scheme for the homeless.

Centre accused of not giving money

Mamta Banerjee said, the central government is not giving money for 100 days work of housing. They will keep taking the money. If the government changes in the coming Lok Sabha elections, then money will be brought. Targeting PM Modi’s visit to America, CM Mamta said, Modi Babu is wasting money by going to America. Sometimes they go to Russia, sometimes elsewhere our people are not getting money here. 

Minister of State for Home Nishith Pramanik was called a goon

He warned Said in style, even if we lose in the panchayat elections, remember that the government in the state will be ours. Along with this, he addressed Union Minister of State for Home Nishith Pramanik as a goon from the stage itself. Mamta Banerjee said on Nishith Pramanik, people are getting shot in the panchayat, they are roaming in Africa. Home minister is a goon. He goes around killing people.

Voting for the Panchayat elections is to be held in West Bengal on July 8. Earlier during the nomination there were reports of violence from different parts of the state. The BJP had gone to the High Court regarding the violence, from where the order for the deployment of central paramilitary forces was issued. The West Bengal government and the State Election Commission had approached the Supreme Court against the High Court’s decision but did not get relief.

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