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Manipur Violence: Manipur has been burning in the fire of violence for the last three months. Meanwhile, recently a case of stripping two women and parading them came to the fore in Manipur. In relation to which it has been alleged in the FIR registered that before abducting these women, a group of armed men entered the village in Kangpokpi district and looted the houses. Apart from this, arson, murder of people and sexual exploitation of women. 

It has been claimed in the FIR that a person was killed by the mob. This person tried to stop some people from raping his sister on May 4. The two women were then paraded naked and sexually assaulted in front of other people.

Houses ransacked
The FIR lodged at Saikul police station claims that around 900 to 1000 people carrying modern weapons like AK rifles, SLRs, INSAS and .303 rifles barged into our village in Kangpokpi district, about 68 km south of the police station. Violent mobs ransacked our houses and set them on fire after looting our movable properties.

It was also said that he looted even cash, furniture, electronic goods, grains. It was also told that five people were also taken away by the mob, who were rescued by the policemen from a nearby forest. The police have arrested four people in connection with the parade of women by stripping them naked and molesting them. The video of the incident surfaced on July 19, a day before the arrest. A complaint was registered in connection with this incident a month back on June 21 at Saikul police station.

The wife of an ex-soldier who was a part of the Kargil war was also not spared
According to the information, the husband of one of the two women who were stripped naked and paraded, had taken part in the Kargil war. is a soldier. Expressing regret in this incident with his wife, he said that I protected the country but could not save my wife from being humiliated.

He has served in the Indian Army as a Subedar in the Assam Regiment. He told a local news channel that I fought for the country in the Kargil war and also stayed in Sri Lanka as an Indian peace keeping force. I protected the country but I am disappointed that I could not protect my wife and other villagers.

He told that on the morning of May 4, the mob torched several houses in the area, stripped the two women naked and paraded them through the streets of the village in front of people. The police was present but did not take any action. I want those who burnt houses and insulted women should be punished severely. 

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