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Tulip: For flower lovers the mere mention of the word tulip brings forth long rows of colorful flowers in neatly maintained gardens but it has a different meaning for the people of cold and dry Drass. These days the weather has become slightly warmer in the second coldest place in the world. Many areas of Drass have turned into colorful tulip gardens. The areas around the Mushkoh valley are full of tulips these days, offering a spectacular view. 

The yellow tulips are now in full bloom and locals say that different areas of the valley have red, white, purple and other multicolored varieties of tulips blooming at different times. The Mushkoh Valley connects Drass to the Gurez Valley of Kashmir through a mountain pass called Kabuli Gali. The largest wild tulip sanctuary in the region blooms in late June or early July and is majestic.

Near the India-Pakistan Line of Control 

The area is very close to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, so the area is off limits to both locals and tourists. A local named Jehangir Ali said "We have some of the best wild tulip blooming valleys in the world, but they remain elusive to tourists, partly because of lack of publicity and partly because of security." 

Demand to set up Tulip Garden

He said,"The wild tulips growing in the barren lands of Drass subdivision can be a massive tourism attraction and can be an asset to the region. The local people are demanding not only setting up a Tulip Garden in the UT, but also seeking help for wide publicity of the region’s fauna to make the region a tourist attraction. Locals claim that holding a tulip festival would be a great way to promote wild tulips as a tourist attraction. 

Why not famous as an attraction?

The wild tulip is a beautiful and rare flower that can be found in the highlands of Ladakh, but yet the wildly attractive flowers are missing amid official indifference. Despite their beauty, the wild tulips are not yet well-known as tourist attractions in the region, but their ever-present and annual blooms attract every sight. This can be included in the tour package as a visit to the wild tulip fields. 

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