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Silchar, Jan 19, 2023, IANS

Silchar, Jan 19 (IANS) A man from Nepal has found his mother, who had been missing since November 2018, in a jail in Assam’s Cachar district where she had been lodged for illegally entering the country.

The man, Feroz Leheri (26), is a resident of Lakshmipur area of Nepal’s Sarlahi district, which is adjacent to Bihar.

After receiving information that his mother, Jannat Khatun, had been imprisoned in the transit camp of the Silchar Central Jail, Lehari rushed here this week, accompanied by his sister-in-law, Anwar Leheri, and a relative, Sohana Khatun.

They arrived in Sichar on January 9 and on Tuesday, he went to the jail and met his mother.

Jannat Khatun was reportedly arrested in the Katigora area of Cachar district in November 2018. She was sent to the Silchar Central Jail after legal proceedings.

At the end of the trial, the court announced a two-year sentence for her which expired on December 27, 2020.

She has since been kept in the Central Jail Transit Camp.

After the completion of her sentence, the Superintendent of the Central Jail had sent a letter to the authorities regarding this. But the matter had been suppressed and there has not been any efforts to send Jannat Khatun back to her home country.

According to Feroz, his father Johnif Lehari died several years ago and since then, his mother had been taking care of the family.

“In 2018, my mother sustained a head injury. Following that, she suffered from a mental imbalance and then she went missing from home one day. We searched everywhere but could not trace her. We also filed a missing persons report at the Haripur police station in the area where we live. But we failed to get any trace of her,” Feroz said.

Despite continuing the search, Feroz lost hope of getting his mother back.

But suddenly a couple of months ago, through an organisation called Bal Suraksha Abhiyan in the Kalimpong area of West Bengal, they received the news that his mother was imprisoned in Silchar.

After that, they communicated with Nepalese government officials and contacted the Centre through the Embassy.

At last, they came to know that the process of sending Jannat Khatun back to the country had progressed. So they rushed to Silchar.

“We hope to complete all the procedures within a day or two and take her back,” Firoz added.

He further mentioned that he could speak with his mother from outside the jail, and she seemed to be completely normal.

“My mother is very happy to hear that she can go back home,” he claimed.


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