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UP ATS Interrogation Seema Haider: The love story of Seema Ghulam Haider (Seema Haider), a resident of Pakistan, and Sachin Meena of India is in headlines. Seema came to Sachin’s house in Greater Noida illegally after fleeing from Pakistan in the month of May last with her four children. After which both were arrested by the Noida Police. However, both were later granted bail by the court. 

Seema Haider is now being accused of being a Pakistani spy. After which the UP ATS team took him into custody and started questioning at a secret place. This questioning of Seema has taken place at a time when a Pakistani spy has been arrested in Lucknow. According to sources, the intelligence department has prepared a complete route map for Seema Haider. 

Probe on Seema Haider

The intelligence department has received information about the routes where Seema went during her stay in Nepal. The exercise of getting information from the hotel owner and manager is also going on. The Intelligence Department is collecting all the inputs regarding Seema Haider through its sources. A team of the investigating agency is trying to get information from Nepal. The help of CCTV cameras is also being taken. 

ATS gathering information about the entire network

Inquiry from the border, information about the network from Pakistan to Dubai and then India via Nepal is being collected. The mobile numbers used by Seema during the entire journey will also be investigated. Apart from Seema, information about their relatives is being collected. 

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Seema can ask these questions

Both were later released from jail. Seema’s children are below seven years of age. ATS can question Seema about her entire journey. All the questions related to coming to Nepal from Pakistan through the border and then entering India from there will be asked. During this, which people helped him, how many Indians were involved in these helpers. All these questions can be asked.  

The ATS team has taken a copy of the statements of Seema and Sachin from the Greater Noida Police. The ATS will re-investigate the statements and the facts revealed in the investigation so far. Seema Haider was on the radar of ATS right from the beginning. Seema Haider of Pakistani origin reached India via Nepal to meet her lover. 

Seema’s relatives are in Pakistan Army

Further inquiry is being done on the basis of WhatsApp chat and all the evidence. Seema’s Pakistani ID card has come to the fore, according to which she is 21 years old. Seema’s ID cards have been sent to the High Commission. It is learned that Seema’s uncle is a Subedar in the Pakistan Army and her brother is also a Pakistani soldier. A senior UP police officer said that Seema is a Pakistani citizen. There are many problems in his coming to India. In this situation, it is necessary to inquire about them. 

A senior official confirmed to news agency PTI that Seema Haider was being questioned by the ATS on Monday and the local police was not involved. The official said the local police is investigating the matter separately and has not yet filed a charge sheet.

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