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Khalistan Protest In US-UK-Canada: Khalistan supporters are organizing rallies against India today (July 8) in different cities of Britain, America and Canada. Rallies are being organized under the banner of ‘Kill India’, the purpose of these rallies being organized under the guise of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar is to collect funds in the name of Khalistani propaganda and to attract Sikh youth. Meanwhile, the Indian diplomatic mission is also prepared to face rallies.

Posters of Indian diplomats engaged in Canada
Sikh separatists of Toronto have issued posters, which have pictures of Indian diplomats and have been called the killers of Nijjar. In view of these large-scale demonstrations and the seriousness of the situation, strict arrangements have been made for the security of the Indian Embassy in America and Britain. Earlier, when in India there were demonstrations outside the Indian High Commission in Britain in support of Punjab de Pramukh and pro-Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh and an attempt was made to pull down the Indian flag, India had strongly objected to it and Indian diplomats Questions were also raised on the British government regarding the security of.

Strict arrangements for the security of Indian diplomats
This time the security of Indian diplomats has been ensured by the law enforcement of Britain, America and Canada. On the other hand, security of Indian diplomats has been ensured in some countries, but rallies have also been defended in the name of freedom of speech. Rallies against India have been held many times in these countries by Khalistanis, but no action has ever been taken against them.

Khalistan supporter Pannu’s death not confirmed
Indian  Intelligence agencies believe that Sikh Four Justice member GS Pannu was also provided security in these countries and   He was using the Khalistan issue against India. Pannu is a Khalistan supporter and there were reports in the past that he is dead, but this has not been confirmed yet. Indian officials and National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval have also taken up these issues with intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA, CSIS and MI-5.

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