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Lucknow Courtroom Murder: The shootout in the court premises of Lucknow has shaken the UP Police Department. Western UP gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva, who was brought on trial, was shot dead inside the courtroom. In the postmortem report of Sanjeev Rathi, six bullets have been found in his body. According to sources, the shooter used an American made revolver in the murder. That is, not a single bullet was missed. Let us know about the revolver with which Jeeva was killed.

According to sources, Jeeva was murdered with 357 ball American Alpha revolver. This revolver is considered very sharp. This revolver is available for 5 to 6 lakh rupees. The cartridges of this revolver also come expensive. The cost of one cartridge is about one and a half to two thousand rupees. The special thing is that this revolver and its cartridge are not banned in India.  From where the shooter got this weapon, it will be known in the police investigation.

Shooter Vijay’s target was very sharp

A shooter named Vijay Yadav has been arrested in the Sanjeev Jeeva murder case. Shooter Vijay had already sat outside the court before Jeeva’s arrival. When the shooter Vijay along with Sanjeev went inside the court room from behind and as soon as he got a chance, took out the revolver from his coat and fired at Jeeva from behind. Vijay’s aim was so precise, six of the six bullets present in the revolver entered Jeeva’s body. The marks of six bullets found in the post mortem report confirm this.

The shooter is admitted to the hospital

Vijay Yadav, accused of killing Sanjeev Jeeva, is currently admitted in the trauma center. In such a situation, the police will file an application for the custody remand of the shooter. If the court asks the shooter to appear then arrangements will be made to produce him. 

FIR lodged in Sanjeev Jeeva murder case

An FIR has been registered in the Wazirganj police station in connection with the murder of Sanjeev Jeeva in police custody. Sub Inspector Uday Pratap Singh has given a complaint against shooter Vijay Yadav regarding the murder. On the complaint of the Inspector, a case has been registered against accused Vijay Yadav under IPC sections including murder, attempt to murder, 7 CLA, causing injury to public servant.

Inputs from Ajay Dubey and Sanjay Tripathi

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