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WMO Vice-President: India Meteorological Department (IMD) Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra has been elected as the third Vice-President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Thursday (June 1). WMO has given information about this by tweeting. Mrityunjay Mohapatra, originally from Odisha, is known as the Cyclone Man of India. He is heading the Meteorological Department since 2019. 

Apart from Mohapatra, two other persons were also promoted to the post of Vice President of WMO. Among them are Eoin Moran, director of Met Éireann from Ireland, and Douda Konate, director of meteorology for Côte d’Ivoire. The election of WMO was held in Geneva on Thursday (June 01). In this, Abdullah Al Mandaus, Director of the National Center of Meteorology of the United Arab Emirates, has been elected as the President of the WMO. 

Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director of We congratulate all the new office holders.

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Abdullah Al Mandaus’ tenure will be of four years. The WMO consists of a president and three vice-presidents. Celeste Saulo of Argentina has been appointed as the first woman Secretary-General of WMO.  In which Abdullah Al Mandous has been appointed as chairman and Mrityunjay Mohapatra, Eoin Moran and Dauda Konate as vice-chairmen. 

Who is Mrityunjay Mohapatra?

What is the World Meteorological Organisation?

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is an organization, which was established in 1950. The WMO issues an annual report on the State of the World Climate. This report serves to provide complete information on weather events as well as temperature at local, national and global levels. Apart from this, forecasting about locust swarm is another responsibility of WMO. India is a member of WMO since 1949. The WMO had also praised India’s IMD for its remarkable accuracy in its forecasts and updates on Cyclone Amphan.

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