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Delhi Ordinance Row: A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Monday (July 17) against the Delhi Ordinance brought by the Central Government. During this, the central government said in the Supreme Court that the officers of the Vigilance Department were being harassed by the Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government, due to which this ordinance was brought. The central government accused the Kejriwal government of Delhi of illegally seizing the files.

According to India Today’s report, alleging from the Central Government, it was said that the files of investigation of liquor policy and renovation of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence have been illegally captured. The Delhi government had challenged the central government’s ordinance in the Supreme Court, in response to which the center has made serious allegations against Arvind Kejriwal’s government.

Petition should be dismissed – Central Government
The Union Home Ministry, replying in the Supreme Court, said that the petition filed by the Delhi government should be dismissed. The Home Ministry further said that the arguments of the Delhi government are baseless and arbitrary, motivated by political motives rather than being on legal or constitutional grounds.

Kejriwal government went after officials – Union Home Ministry
According to the Home Ministry, soon after the Supreme Court verdict, which upheld the Delhi government’s control over services, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers went on a rampage issuing orders and posting them on social media without regard for rules and procedures.

The central government said that the ministers of the Delhi government went after the officers. Along with harassing them, threats started being made. The Home Ministry has accused the Delhi government of targetting officials of the Vigilance Department and entering their chambers to illegally take possession of some files. According to the reply filed in the Supreme Court, these files are of the Delhi Excise Department. Contains files relating to policy matters, investigation into renovation of Kejriwal’s residence, advertisements sponsored by the Delhi government and electricity subsidy given to private companies.

Ordinance will be presented in the Parliament in the Monsoon Session – Ministry of Home Affairs
The Central Government said that the Ordinance will be introduced in the Parliament during the Monsoon Session and there is no need for the intervention of the court in this matter. Arguing in the Supreme Court, the central government said that the ordinance was brought to address the concerns of both the Center and the Delhi government regarding the administration of the capital.

The Home Ministry said that if the ordinance is stayed, it will cause irreparable damage to the Delhi administration. It said that the National Capital Civil Services Authority is functioning efficiently without any conflict. )AAP Government


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