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The Diary of West Bengal: The heated controversy over the film ‘The Kerala Story’ had just stopped that now a controversy has erupted over another film. After the release of the trailer of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, the West Bengal Police has registered a case against the film’s director Sanoj Mishra, after which the director has spoken about the threat to his life. 
Actually, the Kolkata Police has registered a case against Sanoj and sent him summons. In this summons it was said that his film is trying to defame West Bengal. On the other hand, on the summons sent by the police, Sanoj said in an interview to India Today, "I am not a terrorist. I have not done any unconstitutional work. This film is based on a true story."

This claim was made about the state in the film

In the trailer of the film, it has been claimed that in West Bengal "Mass killings, rape and a Hindu exodus" Happening. It was also said in the film that Bengal is the new Kashmir of India. In the notice issued to Sanoj, the Kolkata Police said, "To ascertain the facts and circumstances of the matter" He will be questioned.

I will be called there and killed – Sanoj Mishra

Sanoj Mishra said that an attempt is being made to suppress his voice. In the summons, he has been asked to appear before the police for questioning at Kolkata’s Amherst Street Police Station on May 30. They said, "I can be killed in Bengal after calling me there"

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