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Seema Haider Case: The love story of Seema Haider of Pakistan and Sachin Meena of India is in great discussion these days. Seema and Sachin, who came to India illegally, were recently questioned by the UP STF, after which both of them reportedly fell ill.

Earlier on Friday, Seema Haider met President Draupadi Murmu and requested him to allow her to live in Greater Noida with her 4 children and Sachin Meena.

In the petition, 30-year-old Haider has said that she is in love with 22-year-old Sachin Meena, who lives in Greater Noida, and that she came to India to be with him along with their four children. The Pakistani national claims that he has converted to Hinduism and married Meena as per Hindu rituals at the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What did Seema Haider say in the petition?

Video of Seema’s illness goes viral

Haider also said, “I do not think that I and my four children will increase any burden on India. If I get citizenship, I will show myself as a good person. I will not betray."

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